Vintage Trailer Interiors Camper Van Makeover Ideas

Vintage Trailer Interiors Camper Van Makeover Ideas camper van makeover ideas|

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. Mike And Susie Dropped Off Their Lwb T5 Panel Van For The Complete Camper Shak Treatment. This Is Going To Be A Whoppa Of A Project Beginning With An Elevating Roof And Window Fitting, Bulkhead Removal, New Flooring, Then With This In Place We Can Then Begin. So Recently My Husband And I Decided To Tackle A Long Awaited Project! I Can’t Even Begin To Tell You How Fun This Project Was!! We Literally Transformed A 28 Ft, Old School, Toy-hauler Into A Modern Little Tiny Home! I Have To Admit Pinterest Was Slightly At Fault For This Project! Vintage And Collectible Literature On Plastic And Wooden Model Kits.

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